Mr.Roberio Oliveria Silva

Executive Director
International Coffee Organisation
I came to India with great expectations about the fourth edition of IICF, all of them fulfilled. I found the vibrant coffee sector in India, full of active participants, everybody wanted to talk and discuss how to progress further in coffee sector in India. Thank you.

Mr. Hameed Huq

Managing Director
Tata coffee
The India International Coffee Festival was brought from Bangalore to Delhi. Now we can be really feel proud, that it has been well accepted, well attended and the exhibition is a full house, full of visitors. India International Coffee Festival when it was started had the view to developing and increasing Coffee consumption in India. I think it is very much on track, the organizers should be congratulated. Thank you.

Mr. C.P. Chandan

Cothas Coffee Co.
There has been very good response for the conference and exhibition . We had a lot of enquires for roasted coffee beans , for the roast and ground coffee and coffee chicory blends. Also people have learnt a lot about coffee and that is one thing we are happy about.

Mr. Bryan Wisniewski

BUNNO Matic, BUNNO Corporation
It' s been a great show and we had a tremendous amount of activity in the last couple of days and heard some excellent speakers. We would also like to comment that we knew India had good coffee. We were surprised at the sheer number of great coffees we have been tasting at the booths here. It is fantastic. We had really underestimated the quality of Indian coffee, its been great, thank you very much.

Mr. Andrew P. Kingsley

Publisher/Commercial Director
Coffee & Cocoa International
This is our first time as exhibitors at the India International Coffee Festival and I must say it has exceeded our expectations, we made a lot of good new contacts, we renewed all old contacts and I think its has been a very good window, for our magazine Coffee and COCO International. Also I think Indian Robusta is probably the best Robusta coffee in the world and Indian Arabica coffee is also extremely good.

Mr. Sanjay Chopra

National Manager – Business Development
Vending Updates Private Ltd
We make coffee Premixes. It' s been very good exposure, a very good experience and there has been a lot to learn on how to take our business forward and grow it. Thank you.